What works (and what doesn't)

I focus my offer primarily on nature-loving people, athletes, bikers, outdoor crazies. My accommodation may not meet the highest standards but it has the bare essentials. For this you have your peace and quiet and find yourself in the middle of the beautiful landscape of the High Alps directly on the mountain.

From time to time, groups come to me. With barbecue and one or the other beer (or wine) it can also be a little later in the evening in a cozy round at the campfire. On request, I also like to take care of food. It is said that my chicken Provenale is definitely worth a try.

Depending on this, the terrain is only partially suitable for people who are not well on foot due to the incline. Children are welcome but for the very small ones it is perhaps a little too rustic.

Pets can be brought with them so they behave.

Since cabins (and tents) are not air-conditioned or heated, they are more seasonal and not suitable all year round. If you still want to get involved in an adventure in spring or autumn, you should contact us in advance.